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Criminal Record Clearance Requirements

RCFE licensees, managers and direct care employees must be criminally cleared prior to employment, residence, or initial presence in a RCFE Community. Criminal Clearance is an even larger area of liability for RCFE Communities today, than it was 10 years ago. Because some licenses don’t understand that staff who are not criminally cleared can place the Community’s residents at risk for abuse and exploitation, CDSS-CCLD have increased fines for RCFE staff who have not obtained a criminal report.

These fines for failure to “print” are now up to $500.00 (per employee who is not cleared) for the first violation and up to $3,000.00 for repeat violations within the same twelve (12) month period (per employee who is not cleared).

The Primary Objective of this webinar will be to discuss the importance of employee’s Criminal Record Clearances or Exemptions on a regular basis. These are:

  • CCLD Criminal Record Clearances
  • Criminal Record Exemption requests
  • The Penalties for Not Having a Criminal Record Clearance
  • Criminal Record Transfer Requests
  • Exclusion Orders (and CDSS Exclusion Order Verifications)
  • The Criminal Record Appeal Procedures
  • Criminal Record Forms

About the Presenter:

nameSharon K. Brothers, MSW brings her years of experience in senior care services to her passion as the founder and CEO of the Institute for Professional Care Education®. Sharon has an advanced degree in social work and leadership experience in multi-state assisted living corporations. She has been a developer, owner and operator of dementia care assisted living communities and has deep expertise as an educator for all levels of staff within the care profession.

nameGlenn Berry, MS, has over 44 years of experience in the Residential Care Industry and has been a senior instructor with Care and Compliance Group for more than 16 years. Glenn is our expert in regulations and compliance for providers in California.