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  1. HIPAA Training for Home Care DVD

    Respecting clients' rights to confidentiality is an important part of providing good home care. Privacy rights are legally enforced through a federal law titled HIPAA. This DVD describes HIPAA guidelines and teaches home care providers about the importance of maintaining confidentiality in a variety of settings.
    Course Number:
    • Training Materials and DVDs
    • 1 Credit Hour
    • Respecting Your Client's Right to Privacy
    • HIPAA Guidelines
  2. HIPAA Overview for Assisted Living and Residential Care

    This course is not approved by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). For courses that are approved to meet the CDSS certification or recertification requirements, please click here.

    Assisted living and residential care have a great deal of their resident's private health information, protecting the privacy of this information is an important responsibility that is heightened further by HIPAA rules. During this course we will provide an overview of the HIPAA Privacy Rules as it applies to assisted living and residential care, including identifying when a provider would be considered a 'covered entity".

    Course Number:
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • HIPAA and the Importance of Confidentiality
    • How the Privacy Laws Apply to Assisted Living and Residential Care
  3. Introduction/Orientation and Resident Rights

    This video addresses the responsibility we have as care providers to ensure residents are treated with respect and to assist them to maintain his/her dignity. Orientation topics, such as how to dress appropriately when at work, confidentiality, and reporting are also covered.
    Course Number:
    • DVD Training Video
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Resident's rights
    • The role of the state Ombudsman
  4. HIPAA and Client Rights

    No matter what the care setting, your clients have rights - rights to privacy, dignity, independence and respect, among other things. Learn how to apply these rights in your daily work with all clients.
    Course Number:
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Understand HIPAA and Confidentiality
    • Understanding Rights and Steps to Protect Rights in Everyday Work