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Food Safety in Residential Care

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Food Safety in Residential Care

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This module will address the care provider’s responsibility to ensure food is safe, nutritious, appealing and delicious for our residents. We will discuss how food borne illness is caused and spread as well as the proper hand washing technique and general safety practices related to food preparation.
Course Information:
  • DVD Training Video
  • Credit Hours: 1
  • The importance of Hydration and Signs of Dehydration
  • General food safety practices


Course Outline

  • Introduction to nutrition and the importance of good nutrition for residents in our communities
  • Tips for healthy eating
  • The importance of hydration and signs of dehydration
  • Hydration options
  • What are modified diets
  • Dyspepsia and how do we swallow, how it occurs, some problems caused by dyspepsia, and treatment
  • Resident preferences
  • Food borne illness and how food becomes contaminated
  • General food safety practices
  • Hand washing techniques
  • The importance of proper food temperatures
  • Cross-contamination
  • How to properly clean and sanitize
  • Chemicals in the food service area
  • Other hazards to be aware of when dealing with food safety

Resource Packet

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Running Time

Approximately 18 minutes.

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Food Safety in Residential Care