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Emergency Procedures

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Emergency Procedures

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This module is designed to instruct direct care staff to develop the safety of your residents and employees as the highest priority during an emergency. This course addresses types of emergencies that we may encounter, procedures to follow during and emergency, and the use of fire extinguishers.
Course Information:
  • DVD Training Video
  • Credit Hours: 1
  • Preparing for Different Types of Emergencies
  • Fire safety R.A.C.E (rescue, alarm, contain, extinguish)


Course Outline

  • Emergency planning and establishing a plan and have supplies on hand to respond to a disaster
  • Preparing for different types of emergencies
  • Fire safety (rescue, alarm, contain, extinguish)
  • Evacuations (when to evacuate, types of evacuations, and routes of evacuations)
  • General procedures on how to evacuate both ambulatory and non-ambulatory residents
  • What to do if smoke, heat, or flames block all exit routes
  • How to perform a two person carry
  • Deciding to relocate
  • Body mechanics and back safety.

Resource Packet

All of our staff training DVDs include a resource packet to help you conduct a successful inservice training with your staff. Each downloadable resource packet includes an instructor guide, learner workbook, inservice attendance roster, certificate of completion, quiz, and quiz key.

Running Time

Approximately 17 minutes.

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Emergency Procedures