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Caregiver Certifications

Get your career started off right with the leading provider of assisted living and residential care training in the nation. Since founding the company in 1984, we have helped more than 100,000 administrators and senior living professionals meet their training and compliance needs. We will help you meet the administrator/manager training standards in your state.

The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) is a national training and certification company for the caregiving professions.

Caregiver Certification matters, because Certified Caregivers:

  • Have foundational training and skills in providing care
  • Understand issues like elder abuse and how to detect or prevent it
  • Know the value of their observation and reporting skills in keeping their clients out of emergency care and hospitals

Employers use our nationally recognized certification programs to train new care staff; offering families peace of mind when hiring someone to assist with a loved one’s care.

Certifications also provide a way for your care team to increase skills and grow professionally, while providing a marketing advantage that sets your company above your competition.
The Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) is a national training and certification company for the caregiving professions.
  1. Caregiver Core Certification

    A series of basic caregiver courses leading to Caregiver Core Certification. This certification course forms the foundational training program for beginning work as a caregiver.
    Course Number: CGCORE
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours 12
    • A Series of Basic Caregiver Courses Leading to Caregiver Core Certification
    • This Certification Course Forms the Foundational Training Program for Beginning Work as a Caregiver
  2. Dementia Care Certification

    Dementia Care Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-03-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 23
    • Designed to Prepare the Caregiver for the Special Care Needs of a Person With Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia
    • How to Provide Compassionate, Person-Centered Care
  3. Developmental Disabilities Certification

    Developmental Disabilities Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-06-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 12
    • History and Philosophy
    • Individual Support Plans (ISP)
  4. Diabetes Care Certification

    Diabetes Care Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-08-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 6
    • Certification for Providing Quality Care to Individuals With Diabetes
    • How to Manage Clients Activity and Dietary Needs
  5. End of Life Care Certification

    End of Life Care Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-09-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 8
    • Understanding of Hospice and Palliative Care
    • Hospice and Home Care Agencies May Find This Certification Especially Useful
  6. Mental Health Care Certification

    Mental Health Care Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-15-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 11
    • The Mental Health System: Common Conditions and Care
    • Taking Care of YOU - Avoiding Burnout
  7. Multiple Sclerosis Care Certification

    Multiple Sclerosis Care Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-16-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 8
    • This Certificate Course Prepares the Caregiver to Provide Care to a Person With Multiple Sclerosis
    • Promoting Client Independence
  8. Parkinson's Care Certification

    Parkinson's Care Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-18-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours 12
    • How to Help Clients Maintain Their Independence and Mobility as Long as Possible
    • Understanding Some of the Special Needs for a Person With Parkinson's
  9. Personal Care Aide Certification

    Personal Care Aide Certification Preview Course
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-19-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours 43
    • Appropriate for Individuals Working in States or Settings Where No Mandated Certification Exists
    • Includes Basic Care Skills Videos That Provide Step-By-Step Skills Instruction on Essential Topics
  10. Post Hospital Care Certification

    Post Hospital Care Certification
    Course Number: US-ALL-EN-3-20-O-G
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 17
    • Understand the Primary Body Systems and Most Common Conditions Affecting These Systems
    • Learning How to Provide Care, What to Observe and How to Communicate Concerns About Conditions
  11. Patient Health Navigator

    As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, many hospitals, health systems and health care providers are hiring Patient Health Navigators to help their patients achieve better health and help remove barriers to care.
    Start or advance your career with IPCed's Patient Health Navigator certification program!
    Course Number: PHN
    • Self-paced Online Course
    • 80 hour certification program
    • Approved by the Oregon Health Authority
    • Valid for employment across the USA