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Care and Compliance Group is approved by over twenty state and national agencies and accrediting bodies. Our online courses are approved by NAB, the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards. NAB approvals are accepted in most states.

We understand finding the correct training can be difficult. That’s why we’ve also organized our online training by state.

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  1. HIPAA for Caregivers

    VBTP-V15 HIPAA for Caregivers 13.99 This video describes HIPAA guidelines and teaches home care providers about the importance of maintaining confidentiality in a variety of settings.
    Course Number: VBTP115
    • Streaming Video
    • The Importance of Confidentiality in Health Care
    • Protecting Client Privacy as a Responsibility in Home Care
    • Client's Right to View His/Her Own Medical Records
  2. Cultural Factors Regarding Sexuality in the Elderly

    Cultural Factors Regarding Sexuality in the Elderly
    Course Number: ETHI4221
    • eBook
    • Credit Hours: 1.50
    • Sexuality as a Social Construct
    • Cultural Competence for Today's Senior Care Environment Certificate Program
  3. Documentation of Medication Handling

    Documentation of Medication Handling
    Course Number: MEDI309
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • The Importance and How to of Medication Documentation
    • Medication Management Record
  4. Florida Assisted Living Medication Training

    Florida Assisted Living Medication Training
    Course Number: FL-DCW-EN-1-01-O-F
    • Narrated Powwerpoint
    • Credit Hours: 5
    • Florida Requirements fo Assisted Living Medication
    • How to Provide Medication Assistance
  5. Oregon In-Home Care Medication Training

    Oregon Approved In Home Care Medication Training
    Course Number: OR-CGS-EN-1-01-O-H
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 5
    • Approved by the Oregon Health Authority
    • Topics Required by OAR 333-536-0075
  6. Epilepsy and Seizures

    This course provides detailed information on epilepsy and seizures. The classification of seizures is discussed to help the learner distinguish among different types of seizures. This course also includes the history and incidence of epilepsy, risk factors, current treatment options, as well as discuss EEG and other neuroimaging as they pertain to epilepsy. Causes and neurological related information is presented along with the impact of epilepsy on moods, behavior, and memory. Seizure and epilepsy education topics are presented, including information on safety precautions.
    Course Number: SP010-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • Distinguish Among Different Types of Seizures
    • Identify the Signs and Symptoms of a Seizure
  7. Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness

    This course takes a look at the issue of fire safety and emergency preparedness in assisted living and residential care facilities. Five basic fire safety practices will be discussed. Learn common fire emergency response procedures. Fire safety equipment, use of fire extinguishers, prevention, training, and other aspects of effective management of for effective fire safety will be addressed. Participants will learn details on how to develop a written emergency management plan for their facility.
    Course Number: SP012-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 2
    • The Five Basic Fire Safety Practices Necessary in a Facility
    • Writing a Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness Plan
  8. Medication Documentation

    Medication Documentation
    Course Number: SP048-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Common Medication Records Used in Medication Management
    • Basics of Medication Documentation
  9. California Regulations - Community Care Licensing Interpretations

    California Regulations - Community Care Licensing Interpretations
    Course Number: SP053-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Community Care Licensing Guidelines for Medication Management
    • State Policy and Procedures for Medication Management
  10. Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementia's

    This course is designed for the participant to learn in greater detail about each of the diseases that can cause dementia. Specifically, we will discuss the following diseases: Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body disease, Vascular dementia, Frontotemporal dementia (also known as Pick’s disease, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), and Huntington’s disease. AIDS Dementia Complex (ADC).
    Course Number: SP066-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Leading Cause of Dementia in Older Adults
    • Diseases That Cause Dementia
  11. Managing Human Resources

    Managing Human Resources
    Course Number: SP081-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1.25
    • Human Resource Laws and Regulations
    • Manage and Utilize Human Resources in the Assisted Living and Residential Care Setting
  12. Assisted Living Leadership Development Series

    A self-paced series of online courses developed by and for Assisted Living providers to strengthen and develop leadership potential.
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    Course Number: CALA001-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 8
    • Key Principles of Assisted Living Care
    • Strengthen and Develop Leadership Potential
  13. Medication Administration

    Medication Administration
    Course Number: DEVE204
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Different Routes That Medication Can Administered
    • Forms and Types of Medication
  14. Understanding the Prescription

    Understanding the Prescription
    Course Number: MEDI307
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • L Learn About Drug Names and Dosage
    • Frequency of Administration and Administration Routes
  15. Managing and Assisting with Medications

    Managing and Assisting with Medications
    Course Number: MEDI310
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Medication Management Checklist
    • Ethods for Various Routes of Medication
  16. Staffing Skills for Successful Administrators

    The success of any assisted living or residential community is dependent upon the skills of its administrative team. This course focuses on one of the key areas necessary to be a successful administrator: staffing. As many businesses know, a good company is only as good as its employees. This course will discuss one of the most challenging tasks to any administrator, which is to recruit, select, hire, train and motivate employees. Correct steps to provide performance corrections and terminations will also be discussed.
    Course Number: SP017-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 2
    • Key Areas Necessary to Be a Successful Administrator
    • How to Recruit, Select, Hire, Train and Motivate Employees
  17. Introduction to Financial Management

    Introduction to Financial Management
    Course Number: SP080-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 2
    • Properly Monitor Financial Performance
    • Successful Financial Manager as an Assisted Living and Residential Care Administrator
  18. Managing Resident Care

    Managing Resident Care
    Course Number: SP083-CCG
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hour: 1
    • Providing the Highest Quality of Care to Each Resident
    • How to Effectively Manage Assessments and Service Planning
  19. Medication Self Administration Training

    Medication Self Administration Training
    Course Number: MEDI101
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours:1
    • Apply Basic Principles for Assisting Clients Who Manage Their Own Medications
    • Observe Clients Self-Medication Properly
  20. California RCFE Administrator Certification Practice Exam

    This easy-to-use practice exam has over 200 questions modeled after those you are likely to see on the California RCFE Administrator certification exam. Each question includes feedback to help you understand why your answer was correct or incorrect.
    Course Number: EXAM123
    • Online Training
    • 200 Questions
    • Easy-to-Use
    • Each question includes feedback
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