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California HIV/TB Training

California HIV/TB Training
  1. HIV/AIDS Training For The Care Provider

    This purpose of this course is to familiarize the learner with relevant information about HIV and AIDS. Demographic, geographic, and incident rate data is presented. The course engages the learner in information on HIV/AIDS clinical signs, symptoms, modes of transmission, risk factors, prevention, and screening and diagnosis. Common HIV medical complications are reviewed. The learner considers how the HIV virus duplicates and the general classes of drugs that target HIV replication. Ways to minimize accidental occupational exposure are presented. The course engages learners in gaining an understanding of the psychosocial challenges of people with HIV/AIDS across the trajectory of illness and provides information about HIV/AIDS and end-of-life care.

    Course Number:
    • Online Training Course
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • Discuss the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
    • Screening and Diagnosis of HIV