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California ARF Administrator Certification

Our Adult Residential Facility (ARF) Administrator Certification program is for anyone who wants to enter the rapidly growing field of assisted living and residential care management. This class not only prepares you for the state exam, it also covers important client care issues, including medications, staffing, clinical needs management and regulations. ARF frequently asked questions.

Administrator Certification Class Pricing

Administrator certification training includes 5 days of live training and also meets the mandatory HIV and TB training requirements.

Price: $349 Winter Sale! Register now for just $275

What qualifications do I have to meet to become an ARF or RCFE Administrator?

To become a Certified RCFE Administrator you must meet the qualifications outlined in regulation 87405. And to be certified as an ARF Administrator you must meet the qualifications outlined in regulation 85064. For both, this includes being at least 21 years of age; having a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent; and having the knowledge and ability to meet regulatory requirements and provide care and supervision. Administrators in communities of more than 15 residents must meet additional education requirements.

Steps to become an ARF Administrator

STEP 1: Browse our class dates and locations on the calendar below.
STEP 2: Register ASAP because classes can fill up fast!
STEP 3: Attend all classes for a certificate and pass the state exam.
STEP 4: Submit your application to the Department of Social Services.