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CCG Online Campus is a training solution for your entire team!

CCG Online Campus is an affordable, comprehensive, learning management systm that puts over 200 hours of regulatory-compliant training for your entire organization at your fingertips. With an industry-leading selection of self-paced courses, webinars, and video on demand, our online training solutions are unmatched in quality, convenience, and affordability.

Content Written for Assisted Living and Residential Care

CCG Online Campus includes training content for your entire organization: from administrators and department heads to direct care staff. Designed to help you stay in compliance with state-mandated assisted living training requirements, our online courses are delivered in a variety of formats, including self-paced courses, live webinars, and video on demand. All of our courses are written and developed by experienced licensed medical and senior living professionals

  • Self-Paced Online Courses: No more calling people in for expensive and time consuming training sessions. With our self-paced online courses you and your staff can complete courses according to your schedule; 24/7/365! With topics that cover resident care, dementia care, infection control, medication management, employee safety, and more, your orientation and ongoing inservices will be more convenient than ever before.

  • Webinars: Webinars give you the best of both worlds: the convenience of online training plus the expertise of a live instructor to answer questions and deliver engaging content. CCG Online Campus includes over 70 hours of new webinars each year on topics such as activities, medication management, and food safety.

  • Video on Demand: For some concepts and techniques nothing can beat seeing it first hand. Our full library of over 60 videos are available in your CCG Online Campus account.

  • Curriculum That Meets Your Needs: Our courses cover a broad range of topics and are organized into the following curriculums: Resident Care, Dementia Care, Leadership/Management, Medications, Infection Control, and Employee Safety.

  • Course Approvals to Ensure Compliance: Our courses are approved by state and national agencies and accrediting bodies to ensure the quality of the content and to provide learners with continuing education credit/units that can be applied to renewing state certifications and licenses. All of our online continuing education courses and webinars have been reviewed by the National Continuing Education Review Service (NCERS) of the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB). All of our continuing education courses and webinars are approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN). BRN continuing education credits are accepted by most state nursing boards. Verify with your state agency or call us at (800) 321-1727 for assistance.

Learning Management System

When you purchase a CCG Online Campus account you are getting your own fully functional learning management system (LMS). Our team will create a customized LMS exclusively for use by your organization. That means you have full control over the system: add your company logo, manage users, create course schedules, run reports, reprint certificates of completion, manage live trainings, and even edit courses.

  • Manage Users: With CCG Online Campus you have complete control over your users. You can easily add and remove users, reprint certificates of completion, assign courses, and create training schedules.

  • Manage Courses: Every CCG Online Campus account comes with full, unrestricted access to our library of over 90 hours of NAB-approved continuing education and staff training courses. Topics available include resident care, medication management, employee safety, dementia care, and infection control. You can also create your own courses using your organization’s internal content.

  • Run Reports: Reporting is perhaps the most powerful feature of CCG Online Campus. Create training records, find out who has completed courses, see which courses have been completed, and much more with just the click of a button.

  • Support: You want to stay focused on providing quality resident care; not managing your LMS. By first creating a system that is easy to use and supported by our dedicated support staff, we let you focus on the people and work that matters most. We are available by phone and email to provide support for corporate and regional managers, as well as local staff/users.

  • Use Your Mobile Device: Accessing CCG Online Campus is not limited to your desktop or laptop computer. You can login, manage users, run reports, attend webinars, and view video content with your mobile device as well. Use your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.


Reporting is perhaps the most powerful feature of CCG Online Campus.

  • Course Completion Reports: From our powerful but easy-to-use Course Completion Report you can quickly filter your report by community/location, date completed, first name, last name, course, completion status. You can also customize reporting using our flexible "groups" feature.

  • Reports can be accessed from your computer or mobile device and can be exported/downloaded in Microsoft Excel format.

  • Certificates of Completion: Your staff will receive a handsome certificate of completion when they successfully complete a course in CCG Online Campus. This certificate provides proof that the course was completed, includes CEU information when applicable, and can be retained in personnel files.

  • Have you ever lost a certificate of completion? With CCG Online Campus you will never have to worry about losing a certificate of completion again. Learners can easily return to a course to reprint a certificate of completion at a later time. Plus, managers can even reprint certificates of completion for any user in the system!


Let us be your partner in delivering comprehensive and affordable training solutions to your entire organization.

  • Affordable Annual Fees: Annual fees are $1000 per community plus $15 per learner. Volume discounts are available. No startup or setup fees.

  • Using Another Provider? Are you currently in a contract with another training provider? We will make it easy for you to enjoy all the benefits of CCG Online Campus right away! No matter how long your exisitng contract is, we can design a transition program for you. Call us today at (800) 321-1727.

How to Get Started

You can submit your order by clicking the "add to cart" button above. This will charge your credit card $1000 for the first annual community fee. After your order is received, an account representative will contact you regarding learner fees and to make final arrangements for setting up your account. You can also call us at (800) 321-1727 to speak to a representative directly.