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Therapeutic Interventions, Activities, and Communication
Item #: DC05
Price: $159.00

Therapeutic Interventions Activities and Communication

This video addresses the vitally important “non-medical” interventions used in dementia care, including: effective techniques to promote therapeutic communication, cueing and modeling, interventions when communication is challenging, and therapeutic activities and normalizing the resident’s day.

Key Learning Topics

The following key learning topics are addressed in this staff training DVD:

  • Activities, having a meaningful activity program is important to meet our resident’s psychosocial needs
  • Cognitive/mental activities
  • Physical/large and fine motor skill techniques
  • Life skills/work activities
  • Cultural and religious based activities
  • Sensory and perceptual activities
  • Pet care
  • Individual and group activities
  • Outdoor activities
  • A day in the life of a resident with dementia

Resource Packet

All of our staff training DVDs include a resource packet to help you conduct a successful inservice training with your staff. Each downloadable resource packet includes an instructor guide, learner workbook, inservice attendance roster, certificate of completion, quiz, and quiz key.

Running Time

Approximately 27 minutes.