End of Life
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End of Life

This course discusses the strategies and techniques of care for a resident that is near the end of his/her life. The needs of a person who is transitioning to an end of life stage are different than a resident who is not. As a caregiver, it is important to recognize and respond to the physical and psychological changes that may take place in the resident during this phase of life. The care, many times, can extend beyond the resident and may include immediate family members, close relatives, and lifelong friends. It is important to address the resident and their friends and family with as much compassion and understanding during this difficult period in all of their lives. It is important to address your own needs as well, since dealing with the loss of a resident that you have known for several months or years can be difficult emotionally and hard to deal with. With proper training and understanding about this stage of life, you can provide a high quality of care for that person in his/her final days. You can also maintain a positive atmosphere and encouragement for those who are closest to the resident.


1 hour

Course Approvals:

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