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California RCFE and ARF Administrator Recertification

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California Requirements

RCFE and ARF Administrators are required to complete 40 hours of approved continuing education every two years. California Health and Safety Code Sections 1569.16 (RCFE) and 1522.41 (ARF) state that up to half of the required 40 hours of continuing education can be completed online. All of our courses are approved for continuing education by the California Department of Social Services.

Topic A: Regulation Update

Regulation Update: Big Changes in 2016
In 2016 RCFE providers are faced with a record number of new laws and regulations. During this intensive educational session we will provide an update on these new laws with detailed plans for coming into compliance. Check out our events below for more information!

Topic B: Quality, Outcomes, & Resident Care

Quality and Outcomes: Measurement, Tracking, and Reporting
In today’s care environment it is not enough to just claim that you offer high quality; you need to be able to prove it. During this course we will take a deep dive into practical tips and tools to get started in your community today.

Resident Care Update: Managing Advancing Care Needs
Residential care administrators are being asked to manage care needs for increasingly frail and medically challenged residents. This course will explore the management of some of the most common health challenges, with an emphasis on care coordination and regulatory compliance.

Topic C: Staffing, Record Keeping & Documentation

Staffing: Managing Your Most Valuable Asset
Your staff are the single most important part of a successful residential care community. During this course we will discuss all aspects of successfully managing staff.

Record Keeping and Documentation: How to Protect Yourself and Your Residents
Record keeping and documentation are a necessary part of your residential care community operations. During this course participants will learn how to protect their community from lawsuits, and how record keeping can impact their bottom line.

Topic D: Dementia Care

Dementia Care Update
This course will provide an update on important dementia care and treatment issues for residential care providers.

Dementia Care: Avoiding Overuse of Medications
Older adults, particularly those with dementia, are especially sensitive to side effects and other adverse reactions associated with commonly prescribed medications. This course will focus specifically on avoiding overuse of medications in caring for residents with dementia.